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Hugo Walkers

Here you will find Hugo Walkers from top suppliers at very affordable prices.

For most seniors, using Hugo walkers have become a part of growing old because with age comes the sad fact that some motor skills such as walking deteriorate for many reasons.

Hugo walkers are there to give the senior a little of their much prized freedom and independence to move about by preventing the need of a wheelchair or of relying on others for support as they move.

Standard medical walkers are those that don’t have wheels, they are just frames and to use them the user has to pick the walker up then puts it in front of him or her; he then holds on to the handles and let’s his or her weight rest on the walker as he steps forward.

Here is Where You Will Find Top Rated Hugo Walkers at Discounted Prices 

They are the first types of walkers that most users start to use and as they get adept at using this they can shift to walkers that have wheels instead of legs.

Medical walkers with wheels allow the person using it to just push the walker as opposed to picking it up. On the point of view of the person who has weakened arms this is a great feature to have for a mobility aid.

Hugo walkers is just the right product for such users to have as it has a pair of legs that have overly large wheels so that the user is confident that he can easily maneuver indoor or outdoor terrain. Other features include an adjustable height frame which is perfect for tall or short seniors, hand brakes to keep the walker from running away from your or toward you if you’re walking an incline, a comfortable and well-padded seat that doubles as a cover for the little storage basket beneath it.

When the senior takes a leisurely stroll the seat will be his resting spot in those moments when he gets tired are there are no available seats anywhere. For the senior who doesn’t let his mobility problems get in the way of traveling, this product can be folded so that the user can easily store this in his or her car plus this product can even be easily brought with you on a plane or on a cruise.

Hugo’s 4 wheel walkers are great for those elderly who can still walk but need a little assistance because they have balance problems due to having had a stroke, severe arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, being overweight, or just that their leg muscles have weakened due to old age.

Top  Models for Hugo Walkers

 Hugo Walker with Removable Wheels

This walker has 5-inch diameter wheels which the user can easily detach to turn this product into a standard walker.

It also features no-slip handle grips to provide the user with the much needed support without slipping which can be very helpful in helping to prevent accidents.

Further, this popular product comes with 8 levels of height adjustability, a drink holder, and an accessory bag.

In addition to being lightweight, this very handy tool can quickly and easily be assembled without the need for tools.

Hugo Elite Rollator with Adjustable Seat

This product features a comfortable padded seat and an equally well padded back rest for that much needed additional support for the back as the user sits. Its large handles are made to ergonomically fit the user’s hands.

Its seat and handles are height adjustable, a perfect feature for tall or short seniors. It also has zippered pockets and where you can store small stuff you’d like to bring with you and a small document holder.

The brakes lock easily for easy operation. For safety purposes these walkers are built with wheels 8 inches in diameter which makes it easy to maneuver in any terrain.

Hugo X5 Rolling Walkers

These walkers with wheels have ergonomic handle grips to ensure that no slips occur as the user holds on to the product. They also feature a padded seat and backrest for more comfort while using. For safety purposes, while you’re sitting on one of these, the locking hand brakes will prevent the product from rolling.

There is a large enough storage space under its seat which is perfect for groceries, some personal items, your handbag and other such items. Finally, this model of Hugo walkers is lightweight though it can support up to 400 lbs of weight.

Here is Where You Will Find Top Rated Hugo Walkers at Discounted Prices

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