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Nova Walkers 

Nova Walkers are very popular for their quality and design. You will find top suppliers here offering Nova Walkers at very affordable prices.

If you’re a senior who has trouble with balance while walking or standing then let Nova walkers help you get around without relying on any other person to assist you.

Let’s face it, it is but a part of aging that some ordinary actions such as walking become a tedious task but with Nova walkers it becomes so easy to walk about whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

The Nova Company which started in 1981 as a family business has over the years made products that aimed at helping seniors and other individuals with mobility issues gain some independence without becoming wheel chair bound persons.

Here is Where You Will Find Top Rated Nova Walkers at Discounted Prices 

From California to the entire world they pride themselves with excellent and high quality craftsmanship which gained them a niche in the top rungs of the ladder of the mobility aid industry.

Of all their mobility aids, the most popular is their line of walkers with wheels. These walkers which are also referred to as rollators are modified versions of the standard walker which has the addition of wheels of differing sizes onto the legs of the walker.

The wheels are added to make walking forward more effortless on the part of the user plus it gives them get the better balance which they sometimes don’t get from a standard walker. Nova walkers will have 2 to 4 wheels depending on the model that you’re looking at. Two wheel walkers are good for those beginners so that they can get used to using a walker.

The wheels are positioned on the front legs while the back legs have rubber tips to prevent the walker from marring the flooring or the carpet; 3 wheel walkers are designed with one front wheel and two at the back which makes them look like wheelbarrows and they are perfect for maneuvering narrow spaces; and lastly the 4 wheel walker most likely will feature seats which the senior can use to sit down take a rest when he gets tired of rolling the item around.

By the way, using medical walkers that have wheels is very easy as compared to those without wheels. For the former, the user will just hold on to the handles give the product a little push and off goes the product and with the addition of brakes the user is assured that the product will not roll where it’s not supposed to but for walkers without wheels this is not so, the user has to hold on to the handles, lift the walker and place it a little farther to the front, take a step forward then do the whole lifting motion again which can be tiring.

Of all Nova walkers their most popular is the GetGo walker. The Nova GetGo Lightweight Rollator Walker is the lightest 4 wheel rollator at 13 lbs. With its patented feather touch hand brake system, the user’s muscles will not easily tire as he uses the braking mechanism.

Its 6-inch wheels with the front ones that swivel make it easy to maneuver and easy to roll indoor or outdoor surfaces with less energy from the user to spare. Its height can be adjusted to fit those who are 5’4” to 6’1” tall and it can support persons up to 250 pounds.

It also has a comfortable seat and a removable backrest where the user can seat his or her self and lean back to rest. It also has a basket where the user can put miscellaneous items such as groceries, his little oxygen tank and other stuff with him.

What’s great about Nova’s products is that you can have the brakes, seats, backrests, and the hand grips upgraded to a better model plus they also have fun accessories to make your item interesting such as a horn, lights, extra baskets, and trays. This product by the way also comes in red, blue, pink, and purple for the stylish senior in you.

It’s important that before the user buys Nova walkers he has to consult a physician or a physical therapist so that he can get instructions on how to properly set up and use a walker to prevent postural problems from developing later.

Here is Where You Will Find Top Rated Nova Walkers at Discounted Prices

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