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Walkers With Wheels

Here you will find top suppliers and information on walkers with wheels.

Walkers with wheels are a modern version of walkers which are mobility tools that seniors and disabled persons use when standing or walking.

Wheeled walkers povide support and allow for movement in addition to providing balance to help a person keep from falling or stumbling while walking.

The basic design of walkers with wheels is a metallic or aluminum frame that reaches up to the waist of the user and is a little bit wider than the user’s body.

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The senior who uses these rolling walkers will push the device as they walk. The frame surrounding the front and sides ofthe user, while holding on to the top part, usually handles. It’s like holding on to a cane but instead of one support there are two supports.

Rolling WalkersWalkers with seats and wheels are beneficial to those elderly who are in poor health but can still manage to move about but must have support for safety and to prevent slip and fall accidents.

They are also beneficial to those who don’t have the arm strength that is required in using walkers that have no wheels attached to them.   A walker with wheels is much easier to push forward and walk with.

In general medical walkers are also beneficial to any senior that may have problems achieving balance in their motion.

What’s great about these types of medical walkers is that they give the user the independence they need to move about without being supported by their personal nurse, caregiver, or their family.

You can’t always rely on these people to be there in your time of need especially when you have the desire to go to the bathroom.

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How To Choose Walkers With Wheels

There are many considerations that you should think about when buying wheeled walkers for yourself, a family member, a senior or a friend. These important considerations will be discussed briefly below.

Height and Weight Of The User

This should be considered because low height rolling walkers will cause the user to stoop and thus will later on develop poor posture. The great news is that there are walkers designed with adjustable heights.

Weight is also a consideration because remember this is used as a support and if the product cannot support your weight then you will not be able to maximize its use.

In general standard weights that these tools can support is up to 250 pounds however if you’re more than that you can check with the supplier if they have heavy duty walkers for the elderly.

Wheel Size

The wheels of walkers can range in size. There are small sized wheels as well as large sized wheels. In choosing a product, consider the terrain or the type of ground you’ll be walking in.

Walkers with large wheels are great for outside use and a ground that has obstacles such as stones while those with smaller wheels are great for inside the home because more floors are easier to maneuver.

Hand Grips

Since you’ll be holding on to your walkers with wheels, as you move about your house, you should consider the quality of the handgrips because you may get blisters later on or you may feel discomfort and thus will render your purchase useless. A good grip will also be helpful to insure safety and prevent falling.

The Frame

The frame of the medical walkers you have your eye on should be wide enough than you are, so that the user will fit into it with a little freedom to move, because as mentioned before, you’re going to be surrounded on the sides and in front.

The frames should also be stable enough to support your weight and should be made from sturdy but lightweight material.

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The Types of Walkers with Wheels

3-Wheeled walkers are great for going around small spaces but beware because their stability can be questionable.

These are only great for smaller spaces such as the inside of your house or your room.

For person recovering from an injury these can be helpful.

4-Wheeled walkers are more stable by virtue of the 4 legs.

You can be sure that when you’re on tough terrain such as the outside of your house, this will be a very helpful product as it is not likely to topple.

However, even though this version is the most stable some styles can be heavy. So you will want to pay attention to the weights of each to make sure you are not getting something that is too hard to use.

The best advice in choosing walkers with wheels is to ask your doctor which one is best for your health status. Also, if you have the extra cash to spare, you might want to consider purchasing two rolling walkers, one to be used indoors and the other for outdoors.

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